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Testimonials #2

"Feeling very blessed and grateful to all my clients for the knowledge I've acquired while training them and much more!"

Having been involved in the world of dance for over fifty years, it is seldom that I meet someone in the body training profession whom I consider to have the expertise and knowledge that I have in mine. I have found my counterpart in George, who is intense, demanding, supportive, intelligent and a hell of a lot of fun. This man is a total encyclopedia when it comes to muscle training and body fitness, healthy eating and pure enjoyment with one's physical being.

Peter Boneham
Artistic Director
Le Groupe Dance Lab
2 Daly Avenue
Ottawa, Canada K1N 6E2
Tel: 613-235-1492
Fax: 613-235-1651

Optimizing your health requires attention to mind, body and soul. For someone like me with a busy schedule, the motivation of a personal trainer helps ensure I stay fit. George is more than a personal trainer however. He has become a friend and a mentor. His personal attention to all aspects of health and well being help ensure success. What used to be a dreaded activity is now a totally energizing experience.

Dr. Don Kilby

My start with you one year ago was to re-connect with my commitment to fitness

Specifically, my personal goals were to regain my strength following surgery, lose weight and tone muscle.

What I accomplished, with you insights and unrelenting encouragement, exceeded all of my expectations.

I have broken my bad eating habits (20 years of dedicated effort in the making) and learned how to sustain a balanced, nutritious diet at home and when dining out.

I dropped six sizes.

I walk with poise and sit with posture - commented on both by colleagues, and most importantly, my mom.

You fixed a chronic muscle pain (od football injury) in just two minutes with a single stretching exercise.

You gave me strength, both physically and mentally, to endure intriguing times.

I came out stronger than when I went in.

I resist endless temptation and feel absolutely amazing as a result. I feel better today than ever before, and take comfort in the knowledge that my investment now will keep me strong and healthy later in life.

You inject laughter and fun into what can only be defined as a tough work-out. It keeps us coming back for more. We refer your talents to the friend and colleagues we care most about.

Keep doing what you're doing.

You excel at it!

Wendy Cumming
Senior Vice President, Communications
Hill & Knowlton Ottawa
Tel: 613-238-4371
Fax: 613-238-8642