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Testimonials #3

"Feeling very blessed and grateful to all my clients for the knowledge I've acquired while training them and much more!"

I'm Jetje Ntonietti, an area mortgage manager for TD Canada Trust. I had heard such great reports about George several years ago, that I had to check him out for myself. I am now a disciple. I began working with George 2 ½ years ago. My goal was to lose between 25-30 lbs. I am now approaching my 50th birthday and am very happy to say I've got all my weight gone thanks to George.

More importantly, as a woman, I require strength training. I now have more muscle than I've had my entire life and I have always been active. My experience with George is that he is highly motivated, professional and very caring. I would never have had these results without George and I recommend him to all my clients and friends.

Jetje Ntonietti

I have been training with George weekly since 2001. I admire his personal commitment to health and fitness, and respect his knowledge and skill in motivating others. He demonstrates amazing dedication to his work and loyalty to his clients. His approach promotes balance and overall health. Muscle toning and cardiovascular improvement, with equal focus on healthy nutrition and mental relaxation, are key elements to his program. By working with George just I hour a week and following his dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice on a daily basis, I have seen significant enhancements in my fitness and well-being. George has helped me to achieve many personal fitness goals, including running 2 marathons.

Dr. Lisa White

When you asked me to write up a letter on my experience with you, I was a bit reticent as I'm not a good writer by any stretch of the imagination but felt obliged anyway to spread the "gospel according to George".

It's been almost two years now and what can I say - WOW! At first, even though the pounds were coming off dramatically, I couldn't see it… Friends and family kept saying how amazing the changes were. 35 lbs in less than 3 months with only one workout a week!! Knowing my work and life schedule, I couldn't have asked for better.

Now, 2 years later, I've put on 10 lbs of muscle and am nicely toned. I've been having more and more compliments and friends have asked to come and see you and they have - with results that are as good, if not better! I now see the changes myself. I've had to get all my pants refitted (what a feeling!) and I am very proud of the work we've accomplished together.

You are worth every penny - physically, mentally, emotionally this is the best thing I could have done for myself! Only one hour a week and it works!!

Thank you for everything my Dearest George,